It all began back in April 1990. Two of Mark Kramer’s employees were driving through Mesa when they noticed a group of classic cars parked outside a Carl’s Jr. Curious, they stopped to investigate. A friendly conversation with the car owners revealed that they were about to lose their parking-lot privileges. The “Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s” in Scottsdale seemed like the perfect new destination for the classic cars, and a Valley tradition was born.

On the first Saturday night, there were maybe 10 or 12 cars. The second week, there were 20. By the fifth Saturday, there were a hundred cars,” says Mark Kramer.┬áNow an average night brings in anywhere from 250 to 500 cars and up to 150 motorcycles. “The neat part is that when this started, it was just the car owners and their significant others,” Kramer notes.

30 years later, the show is known internationally, attracting visitors from all over the United States and beyond. There are even some who drive their car thousands of miles to attend and display. On any given Saturday one can find a great variety of cars, bikes and even trucks. Men, women and children attend the show. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy.